Our Approach to Covid-19 

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Free Notary Service

Northern Shores offers free Notary service

Newest Loans

Northern Shores Community Development, Inc. is proud to announce the newest recipient to our loan
program…KKS Trucking!

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FARM Grant Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the following GRANT APPLICANTS have been awarded funding from
the Native American Agriculture Fund:

Steve Bailey, Bailey Farms, LLC,
Monica Cady, Ojibwe Apothecary,
Michelle Carrick, Carrick Family Farms, LLC,
Virginia Fields, Charlevoix Community Garden,
Casey Hinkson, Hinkson Homegrown, LLC,
John Keshick, Sunset Bay Fishery,
Yvonne Keshick, Quill Artist,
Abigail Mikolowski, Mikolowski Farms, LLC,
Sally Rook, Two-Thunder Gardens,
Mark Shananaquet, Native Cultivations, LLC,
Paul Smith, First Catch,
Jonathan Stafford, Stafford Country Acres,
Christopher Standard, American Guinea Hog Farm,
Aaron, Cole & Kyle Tadgerson’s Fishing,
Elizabeth M. VanSickle, Hager Creek Sugar Bush,
Darrell James Wagner, Wagner’s Simply Superior Farm

CONGRATULATIONS!! Checks will be issued no later than July 29th , 2022.
We received so many great applications!! We wish we could have funded them all. More grants will be
issued next year, so please apply again if you did not receive a grant this time.
Thank you for your interest in the Northern Shores Community Development, Inc. FARM Program!