Success Stories


Cygnus, Inc., established in 1988 by Robert and Debra Waugh, is expanding their business! Cygnus manufactures mobile computer carts, wall mounted computer workstations, medication boxes and articulating arms with brilliant function and beautiful design. They strive to anticipate the needs of healthcare facilities and help relieve their intense workloads by developing solutions that keep caregivers close to the patients. By designing for ergonomics, function, efficiency and safety they create a controlled and uncluttered wellness environment that combines style, innovation, and technology.

Mr. and Mrs. Waugh were referred to Northern Shores Community Development (“NSCD”) by a local bank. NSCD assisted them with financing that will allow them to purchase additional equipment that will significantly lower their manufacturing costs and expand into the industrial sales market nationally. The new equipment will allow them to offer a variety of cabinet door solutions to the local and regional residential market.

For more information regarding Cygnus, Inc., contact them at 888-760-8159, or visit their website at

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