Lakeview Home Furnishings, a new custom woodworking and home furnishing design business located in Petoskey and owned by Stephanie Sevener, is the latest business to benefit from loan assistance from Northern Shores Community Development, Inc. (NSCD) for expansion of its services.

“Over the past year, I found myself filtering more and more requests for detailed, custom work that I was unable to accommodate due to the lack of owning a CNC Router. I continued to find it difficult to find anyone locally to refer the growing requests to, and realized that purchasing this equipment was not only necessary to grow my business, but filled an unmet need locally,” Sevener states. “Due to being a very small, start-up business, l found that the banks locally were unwilling to assist with this rather large purchase, but thankfully Northern Shores Community Development, Inc. believed in me and my business and gave me a shot, making purchasing the CNC router a reality”, said Sevener. “I can’t keep up with the demand since purchasing this router and can’t imagine where the business would be without it and the help of Northern Shores Community Development, Inc.,” said Sevener.

Lakeview Home Furnishings produces a wide range of custom residential and commercial furnishings ranging from tables, dressers, cabinets, and beds, to doors, mirrors, picture frames, and chests, to trim work such as balusters and brackets, to custom pet furniture, to built-in kitchen islands and bookcases.

For more information about Lakeview Home Furnishings, please visit their facebook page or contact Stephanie Sevener at (231)348-2596.