Your Spirit, Your Place Restaurant, owned by Dominique Pack, specializes in healthful, thoughtful and delicious food at a reasonable price. Ms. Pack opened the business in May of 2011. All meals are made from scratch using all natural ingredients. In addition to their well thought out menu, Your Spirit, offers vegetarian and gluten free options. Originally from Australia, and having lived several years in New Mexico, Ms. Pack has brought Aussie and Mexican flair to her menu! From Aussie Meat Pies, to Heuvos Rancheros, and on to the delicious Michigan Cherry Salad…..You can be sure to find something delicious and unique for breakfast or lunch.

With financing help from Northern Shores Community Development, Ms. Pack was able to purchase the building she was previously leasing. Conveniently located at 414 N. Main Street in Cheboygan, you will find ample parking, and a cozy atmosphere in her artfully decorated restaurant. Ms. Pack also offers catering services.

For more information on Your Spirit Restaurant, please contact Dominique at (231) 268-3443, or visit her facebook page.